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Christine is a Birthing From Within® Childbirth Mentor, offering individual and small group childbirth preparation classes. At the end of the class you will be ready to enter your birthing journey with confidence, deeply connected with your partner, both knowing your birth facts important to communicate with your birth providers. You will have practiced proven tools to cope with all the sensations of birth, and figured out through hands on exercises (and this actually is a lot of fun) what works for you and your birthing partner. Most importantly, you will open your mind and body to all the possibilities how your birth may unfold, learn how to embrace where you are, and then figure out and know how to go the next best step, whatever it takes and whatever way is right for you to birth your baby with strength and determination. Your partner as an active participant in the class will leave this class confident that he/she knows what is really important and how to support you effectively.

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Father: “A truly phenomenal experience of growing closer as a couple and more confident and empowered to fully embrace our Birthing Journey.”

Mother: “Beyond basic practical info, we delved into the emotional aspects of birthing and becoming a parent. An amazing combination and very powerful.”

“The prenatal class setting felt completely comfortable, non-judgmental, and safe for all of our questions.”

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