Birth Story Listening / Healing


For the Birthing Mother, her Partner and Birth Professionals 

In the US about 46 % of mothers describe their birth as traumatic. Sometimes after a birth with complications or multiple medical interventions, a mother may feel that her birth has been taken away from her, and deeply hurt. But even after a birth that is medically “normal” from the outside, a mother can be left with the feeling that she failed or was failed at a particular moment during her birth. She may experience feelings of shame, confusion, regret, anger, blame, distress, anxiety, or guilt.

Christine works with mothers whose experience of birth continues to hurt, herself, and /or her relationship to her baby and/or her relationship to her partner and loved ones. Birth Story Listening/Healing is an opportunity not just to tell your story in a safe place, but also understand your story in a new way. This is short term work (usual one session) to initiate change and start a process of healing. Also Birth Partners or Birth Professionals can come out of a birth experience feeling deeply unsettled and traumatized. As for the birthing mother I offer Birth Story Listening/Healing sessions to start healing.

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“At first, I felt so guilty, I failed my baby. I am not a good mother right from the beginning.  Now I know I didn’t fail at all. I had to make some hard choices, choices I never wanted to have to make as a new mom. But I did it. I did it. I am a good mom. I did it.”

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